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When you’re in a group of any kind, there are times when group shirts are a good idea. But getting all of these shirts designed, embroidered, and printed can be a whole complicated process. With this in mind, why not go to a location that does it all in one place? At Giraphic Prints, we handle large custom group orders daily. Since we manage all three specialties in one place, you can save money in the long run. Our main business, however, is screen printing. Learn more about our screen printing process in Denham Springs before you order!

How Screen Printing Works

Before we begin the process, we’ll have to create a screen for your project. We tightly place a piece of mesh over a screen for each color in your design. We cover each in a type of paint called emulsion for later use.

Each color of your print gets its own separate design, which we print onto a waterproof film. We create these by using small dots that decide how much color goes in a specific place.

We secure the film face down onto the screen and then place it into a machine that exposes it to UV light. This process hardens the emulsion where the design lies. We now spray away the hard emulsion away with cold water, leaving only a stencil behind on the screen.

Once dry, we place the screen within the press and the shirt onto the palette below. The screens are then brought down onto the shirts and we place each color onto their respective screens and press the shirt. The design is now brightly showing on your new shirts. But the process is not done yet!

To finish up, the still wet shirt goes through a drying machine, ensuring that the dye cures. Now the finished shirt is ready for you!

Screen Printing Varieties We Offer

At Giraphic Prints, we want our customers to not only have the best screen printing around but all options at their disposal as well. We currently have these inks and processes available to choose from:

  • Standard Plastisol. A durable, vibrant, and precise print. These are a necessity if you want to perfectly match colors. Check out what colors we provide before deciding on your shirts.
  • Soft-hand additives. These additives work wonders when you want a finer print. Additionally, we strongly suggest these additives on shirt brands such as American Apparel and Next Level.
  • Reflective ink. This ink is best if your shirts need to be seen at night. The reflective effect is similar to highway safety vests.
  • Shimmer and glitter ink. Get an extra pop of color on your shirts! Glitter can be printed on top of any color and shimmers come in gold and silver.
  • Glow-in-the-dark ink. Having a party under blacklight? Impress your friends by standing out from the crowd!
  • Discharge printing. This process uses ink that removed shirt dye, revealing the natural color. This allows for a soft print and unique appearance.
  • Four-color and simulated processes. Colorful prints and intense detail all in one shirt!

Even the most challenging jobs can be handled with our screen printing process. Big corporations, Greek life, religious groups, and more, we’ve got your back no matter your needs.

Contact For The Best Screen Printing In Denham Springs

Screen printing your shirts is the best way to get those bulk orders for your group or business. However, you shouldn’t settle for lower quality than you deserve. Contact Giraphic Prints today and get a quote for your order. Choose what inks and processes are best for your shirts with the help of our talented staff. We can even help you design your shirts beforehand. Don’t settle for less, aim for the top with Giraphic!

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