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The Giraphic Prints crew is excited to announce our recent membership with KIVA — a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a community of independent lenders and microfinance institutions to alleviate poverty and empower people to create opportunities for themselves worldwide!

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Meet our third borrower: Artesanas Santiago Group – Also known as the Friendship Bridge Trust Bank, they are a group of women specializing in weaving and embroidering fabrics for “huipiles” (traditional blouses) from Santiago de Atitlán, Sololá, Guatemala.

Artesanas Santiago Group

Many tourists love to visit the town because of the strikingly bright colors that are the inspiration and hallmark of the “huipiles” (traditional blouses) proudly made and worn by the local Tz’utujil speaking Maya women. Along with the bright flowers on the “huipiles” seen in the above photo, they are also known for their many embroidered bird designs.

Ten women, who did not have the opportunity for a formal education, formed the Friendship Bridge Trust Bank “Artesanas Santiago” (Santiago Artisans). The women have spent many years in the artisan and craft business of weaving and embroidering fabrics for “huipiles” that have been commissioned by clients. Some of the women also raise chickens.

“Artesanas Santiago’s” president is Micaela, who is married with two children. Right now, the demand for her textiles is very high and she is getting many orders for her “huipiles.” She is requesting a loan to purchase a variety of typical fabrics and many different colored threads for embroidering. Micaela hopes that in buying these textile supplies, she will be able to improve her “huipiles,” increase her customer base, and generate more income.

Micaela and her Trust Bank companions enjoy being clients of Friendship Bridge through many loan cycles. They have had the opportunity to learn about gender equity, good business investments, and holistic health. These topics and many more are a part of Friendship Bridge’s “Microcredit Plus” program of micro loans and non-formal education that has proven to be a win-win combination for the women, helping them to move from poverty to a brighter and more successful future.

To make a contribution to Artesanas Santiago Group, visit their Kiva page: Artesanas Santiago Group / Friendship Bridge Trust Bank


Meet our second borrower: Dúo Buena Vista De San Martin – fabric maker, traditional embroiderer, and chicken breeder from San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango, Guatemala.


Dúo Buena Vista De San Martin

This partnership was formed by Ana Luisa, who is 26 years old and from San Martin. She has earned a living for the last four years breeding chickens as well as producing fabrics and traditional embroidery.
She has a two year old son and is expecting a second child. Providing the best for her children is her motivation to strive and work hard in her business. This is the third loan she has applied for and she has paid back previous loans on time.
She’s thankful to Kiva lenders and the support they provide, she sends them her blessings and wishes them great prosperity.
She is applying for the loan in order to buy chickens, chicken feed and materials for embroidery which will enable her to continue in her business.

To make a contribution to Ana Luisa + Dúo Buena Vista De San Martin, visit their Kiva page: Dúo Buena Vista De San Martin


Meet our first borrower: Alexis Mauricio – a screen-printer from Sabaneta, Colombia

Alexis is a hard working man committed to tailoring, screen printing and distributing his own line of clothing.
Alexis completes the entire process in his home, and started his business with the sole objective of buying his own home. He continues to work hard to achieve his goal. He wants to show his mother his appreciation for everything she has done and continues to do for him.
In order to improve his production process and lower costs, Alexis is seeking a loan to use to buy a screen printing machine to finalize the printing process.
Alexis’s goal is to see his clothing brand enter commercial centers, so he is studying the market to offer something different that the market will respond to well.
A loan to Alexis will give him the opportunity to have in his home all of the equipment necessary to tailor and print a t-shirt.
To make a contribution to Alexis, visit his KIVA page: Alexis Mauricio


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