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Out of the screen printing companies in Baton Rouge, Giraphic is the best around!

When you’re looking for screen printing companies in Baton Rouge, it’s often difficult to decide who to choose. With so many companies popping up online and in town, how do you choose the best one? You need to know if they can fulfill your custom order, what sort of quality you should expect, and how quickly you can get it, but there are a few other factors to consider.

How Long Have They Been Screen Printing?

One of the most important factors in choosing a screen printing company in Baton Rouge is to find out how long they’ve been doing the job. Depending on your order, you want to know that the team working on your product has not only the right equipment to get the job done, but the experience to do it right the first time. With so many online stores popping up every year, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Start by shopping around your area. This helps narrow choices to some companies that have been around the longest, and begin your search there. Established screen printing companies most likely have the skill you need to get the job done but will have references to prove they can do it right.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

While it might not apply to today’s order, it’s important to find out what other services they offer. This can give you some insight into the capacity of their operations and even more insight into their abilities to produce a top-quality product. Further, if you’re looking for a company to partner with long term, you need to know in advance if they’ll be able to accommodate future orders and different types of products. When considering a company, ask about their other products, whether or not they offer in-house design services, and what sort of methods they use.

Is Customer Service Their Top Priority?

When it comes to choosing between an online screen printing company and a local company, customer service is key. Working with a local company, you can meet the team face to face and see the products in hand before they hit production. Most importantly, you need to know that should something go wrong, there is someone there to handle your issues and make it right.

What’s Their Reputation Online?

The most important part in choosing the right screen printing company in Baton Rouge is due diligence. You can visit their website, look at their services and past work—but to truly learn what working with a company will be like requires a bit of digging. Visit a few websites where you can find reviews of the company and hear from actual customers what it’s like to use them. Sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others will let you look back at reviews over time and see how people enjoyed their products and services. Insider hint, just like when using Amazon to check out a product, make sure to hit that “most recent” button to see how things have been going lately.

Looking for screen printing companies in Baton Rouge? Let’s Talk!

When it comes to screen printing services, look no further than Giraphic Prints! We’re a full-service printing company, and we can’t wait to work with you. Give us a call today or contact us online to get started on your next project!

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