New Orleans is a bustling metro that only seems to grow bigger and busier each day. These streets are full of students, religious groups, and businesses and all of them have one thing in common: shirts! Your outing wouldn’t be special without a team shirt for each member. But wait, the process of ordering shirts is long and meticulous, right? Well, who said it has to be? At Giraphic Prints, we want to give our clients the best of the best, including in the ordering process. See what we can do for you and let’s dress to impress.

  • Online Fulfillment: Leave behind mountains of t-shirt checks, missed deadlines, and every other annoying aspect of ordering team clothing. Our online fulfillment service offers an easy, online alternative that cuts out the middle-man. Now your team can order their own shirts with your own private link at Giraphic.
  • Graphic Design: Have you ever wanted that perfect design for your team, but had no way of creating it before? Thanks to our fantastic team of graphic designers, your dreams can become reality! No matter if you have a design ready or need one created, we’re prepared to create a look for your team that blows everyone out of the water.
  • Screen Printing: With over 50 colors, types of ink, and hundreds of garments to choose from, nearly anything is possible! And currently, we’ve begun mixing our inks in-house! Most other screen printing companies have to outsource their ink and are limited in their colors. But because we’re in-house, we can create custom colors whenever we want, so you don’t have to settle for colors you don’t really want.  
  • Embroidery: Screen printing not exactly what your team needs? Not a problem. Our embroidery services make for the perfect designed caps, polos, or jackets. And we stay with you every step of the process so everything is up to your standards of quality. 

Have a question about our processes here at Giraphic? Contact us by calling 225.923.2434 or emailing us at [email protected]. But if you’re in the area, why not visit us directly? Our location on Government Street in Baton Rouge is located right next to White Star Market. Ready to begin your team project? Grab a quote from us and talk with our professionals to get exactly what you need.