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Ink—without it, your shirts would be drab and boring. But while ink can bring out the best in design, which kind works best for you? Each has its pros and cons, but when do the cons outweigh the pros? And what is the best choice for your team shirts? Take it from this t-shirt graphic design company—there’s a clear winner in this all-out battle of the inks!

Plastisol vs. Water

Did you know that there’s more than just one type of ink used in the screen-printing world? Like many others in the industry, our pros at Giraphic Prints choose to use a standard plastisol ink. The other major ink used is water-based ink. While still a good ink, there are a number of reasons why we believe that plastisol is the better choice. 

Plastisol is a plastic-based ink that sits on top of the shirt. It’s well-known for bright colors. On the other hand, water-based inks sink into the shirt, giving it a different feel. 

Overall, water-based ink is often chosen for its ability to feel softer to the touch. However, that’s something that can be replicated. If a softer feel is what you desire, who says you need to give up a vibrant, colorful look? While ink with a water-base leaves a softer feel, soft-hand additives can also do the same in plastisol ink. Also—due to plastisol’s vibrancy—the printing on dark-colored shirts is not muted in color as they would be with water-based inks. 

Plastisol is easier to manage, produces bright outcomes, and can change with additives. That’s why it’s our go-to ink. With it, we’ve created thousands of comfortable works of art for the city of Baton Rouge and beyond!

The Power Of Choice

At Giraphic Prints, we aim to give our clients as many choices as possible. In addition to our hundreds of garments to choose from, we work tirelessly to ensure our inks are also diverse. For example, we offer 50 Pantone colors for our customers to choose from. 

Our customers also get the choice of placing an additive in your custom ink. Besides the standard plastisol, there are six options a person can choose from. Choose from shimmer, glitter, and more for the perfect shirt.

Additionally, since we mix all of our inks in-house, we can make nearly any custom color you desire. Another t-shirt graphic design company might only offer a handful of colors and are rarely do in-house mixing. So don’t settle for less—Giraphic Prints is just a call away.

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