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Appreciate The Art Of T-Shirt Printing Services In Baton Rouge With Giraphic Prints!

T-shirt printing is about more than just shirts. It’s an art. But what is art without sharing it with others? This is perfect for our location in Baton Rouge’s arts and culture center. As a company, we want to put our hand in the art world of Baton Rouge—and as artists, we want to contribute to that world. Discover how Giraphic Prints offers more than t-shirt printing services in Baton Rouge as local artists.

Graphic Giraphic Arts

Clothing lasts a long time, especially when it’s made from high-quality fabrics and materials. Being in the arts and culture hub of Baton Rouge, we pride ourselves on the talents of our graphic designers. With their skills, Giraphic Prints is able to provide hot original designs that blow our clients out of the water. 

But no business is a good business without being a jack of many trades. Giraphic not only offers t-shirt printing services but also embroidery. And these days, our ink is mixed in-house! Not a common occurrence in this industry. With an array of clothing, ink colors, and mixes—we’re ready for any client that comes our way.

And, of course, we serve all types of clientele with a smile. But there are a few brands that stick out simply because our services are used more often. So if you’re part of Greek life, an ad agency, a corporation, a religious group, or a collegiate organization—we’re the people for you. Everyone can use a great t-shirt printing service in Baton Rouge.

Appreciating The Art Of BR

As local artists ourselves, we love doing our part for and connecting with the local art scene! A way we often do this is by connecting through different events in the city. The most popular past events being “Hot Art Cool Nights” and “White Light Night.” 

During the 13th annual Hot Art Cool Nights, we transformed our shop into a fun space for passing guests and visiting artists. Since then, we’ve put our foot in the door to reach out to fellow artists like ourselves right in Mid-City Baton Rouge.

And that’s the other thing: Mid-City is the perfect hub for creativity as the arts district in Baton Rouge. Over time, the neighborhood has slowly been turning into a center of beauty in art, clothes, and food for all. With the change we’ve already seen, we can’t wait to see what the neighborhood offers in a few years.

Our T-shirt Printing Services In Baton Rouge Bring More To The Yard

Trust in your neighbors and invest in local vendors like ourselves. As a leading provider of screen-printed apparel in south Louisiana, you’re in good hands. Get a quote to begin your online order. If you have a question for us on the other hand, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 225.923.2434 or email our sales team at [email protected]. Your business matters to us, so we’ll be sure to answer you soon. Express your team’s creativity with one of the pieces from Giraphic!

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