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As we get back into the swing of reality, we must all do our part to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe. One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re being smart? Wearing a face mask! At Giraphic Prints in Baton Rouge, we now make custom COVID-19 face masks that protect you and your team so we keep Baton Rouge working. To properly meet the needs of your business, we are offering two kinds of protective masks, Anti-Microbial and Ringspun Cotton.

Protection For Everyone

Everyone in our community now is responsible for preventing another massive wave of COVID-19. On May 15, our restaurant waiters, baristas, grocery store clerks, hairdressers, etc. came back to work. They require effective protection as they directly interact with customers. You can help your employees protect themselves as they come back to work by ordering our ringspun cotton masks for their everyday use.

Of course, remind your employees to properly clean their masks. The frequency of cleaning depends on the frequency of use. You can find more recommendations from the CDC here.

 Anti-Microbial Protection For Health Care

While our hospital nurses and doctors are battling to save the lives of those infected with COVID-19, other healthcare workers are still serving to keep everyone else healthy, too. Often times they have to be up-close and personal with their patients, putting both themselves and the patients at risk of contracting coronavirus. Our Anti-Microbial face masks are made with BioSmart technology, making them ideal for healthcare workers such as therapists and pharmacists and other similar professionals. When used correctly, studies show that BioSmart masks effectively fight germs for twelve weeks. (Not to mention how cool they look).

Here’s how BioSmart Fabric works:

  1. The mask is washed with EPA-registered chlorine bleach and the BioSmart Technology binds the chlorine to the fabric’s surface.
  2. When dangerous germs come in contact with the mask, the fabric will release the chlorine to kill the nasty bacteria and viruses.
  3. With each chlorine bleach wash, the mask’s fabric is recharged with the virus-fighting technology!

Personalized Protection Just For Your Team!

Want added value? Your COVID-19 Face Masks are customizable! One of the best things about our Baton Rouge screen printing services is our ability to provide high-quality, personal apparel with a quick turnaround. You can get your brand’s logo printed on the front with our bright and custom inks. Let everyone know that you care about your employees’ health and safety while we conquer the COVID-19 pandemic together.

Giraphic Prints Wants To Help

With all the uncertainty surrounding us now, one thing you can count on is Giraphic Prints. We are doing our part to help the Baton Rouge area by producing makes COVID-19 Face Masks in bulk orders with quick turnarounds. Please note that we require a minimum of 48 units per order of our custom face coverings. Call us at 225.923.2434 or email to get a quote and start your order. We’re excited to start making your custom masks and help our community stay healthy!

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