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With the right tshirt printing services in Baton Rouge, your team could look better than ever.

More and more, consumers and companies alike are trying to support small and local businesses. Many of the perceived benefits of buying from large companies no longer outweigh the benefits of working with small businesses. Take our business for example. There are many benefits that come with custom apparel and tshirt printing services in Baton Rouge over stale corporate apparel printing companies. At Giraphic Prints, our passion for screen printing is only the start of what makes us great! Find out more about why we’re everyone’s first choice.

You Receive The Best Client Service…

When you strike up a relationship with a small tshirt printing company, you’ll more likely to be much happier with the outcome than with a larger apparel business. You can communicate and even meet every team member who will be working on your shirts. You can talk often with our designers and coordinators so we learn exactly your brand’s style. 

Did something unexpected come up? It happens! Luckily, our locality and size make it easy to connect with us and make changes to your order. With access to such a customized approach, your apparel design will truly represent your brand or project. 

Plus Our High-Quality Materials…

In addition to our great client service, we utilize our tools and techniques to customize your tshirts to the fullest. For example, we mix our inks in-house—all 50 stock colors plus nearly any custom color that you need! Our screen printing process is made with you in mind. 

But not every project is right for screen printing. So when you’re looking for something a little different, we also do embroidery! Embroidery is a classic way to add a personal touch to your team’s apparel. Before we start production, we send an actual photo to you during our proofing process for confirmation. By combining the best service with the highest quality products possible, we strive to grow our customer relationships with every single order.

Not To Mention Our Creative Abilities!

Have an event that you need a shirt for, but you’re drawing a blank on the design? We’re equipped to help with that too! Our staff welcomes every opportunity to flex our art muscles with enthusiasm. Located in Baton Rouge’s art hub, we’re constantly inspired by innovative art by our neighbors and annual festivals. Our size allows us to focus on the exciting part of our jobs—the art! 

Since we began in 2006, our passion for creative apparel designs has only grown stronger. When you work with large tshirt printing companies, a different party handles the design services. The process can cause delays and your original idea may even get lost in the shuffle! But our designers are a major part of our team, so your designs will get done quickly and correctly. 

Did We Mention We’re Local?

With our innovative local services, such as in-house ink mixing, we can provide a higher quality product than bigger companies. At Giraphic, we’re constantly improving our craft to create the best product possible. Only local tshirt printing services in Baton Rouge understand how to truly capture your character. After all, south Louisiana is unique and our business is the cream of the crop!

Graphic Prints For Great Projects 

When it comes to tshirt printing services in Baton Rouge, you can’t beat Giraphic Prints. Our process is easy—in four steps you can have the team tshirts of your dreams! Give us some details about what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with a quote to begin the process. 

Remember to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates on our latest projects! We love to show off what we’re up to.

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